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A holistic nutrition practice dedicated to supporting individuals with autoimmune conditions. At Keiko Wellness, we believe that proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can play a powerful role in managing autoimmune conditions and improving overall health and well-being.

At Keiko Wellness, we are committed to helping you live your best life, despite your autoimmune condition. We hope to support you on your journey to better health and well-being.

The journey to optimal health starts with understanding its root causes of autoimmune

Too many autoimmune sufferers find themselves looking for better medical doctors, treatments, or supplements, but most find those don't work.

The typical approach to autoimmunity is to monitor symptoms and then prescribe immunosuppressive drugs when they worsen. However, these drugs do not address the underlying cause of autoimmune and can ultimately compromise the immune system, making patients vulnerable to severe infections and even causing other health issues.

Instead of struggling to find the medications and supplements, it is time to end looking for "Band-Aid Solutions" and begin your journey to reclaim the vibrancy of your life.

Are you interested in how it works?



of autoimmune patients are dealing with fatigue


of the patients are suffering from misunderstanding by people around them


are having negative impact of ability to work

Not diagnosed?

But you know something is wrong?

You are not alone. It is VERY common!

It doesn't matter if your blood work shows "normal." The most important point is how you are feeling.

You have chronic pain, fatigue, hair loss, swelling, brain fog... your body tells everything.

You can take action to get back your wellness.

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Get an understanding of the services and options available to you to help you reach your wellness goals.

Learn how Keiko can help you navigate to better health. Take the first step now and schedule your free discovery call today!

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1-on-1 Consultations

Personalized guidance and support

Private 1-on-1 online consultation for people with chronic inflammation ready for a radical transformation.

The Paradigm Shift Formula

12 WEEKS transformation program

An easy step-by-step guide for reversing conditions. This program will give you the basic understanding and tools for sustainable, setback-free transformation.

What is the cause of autoimmune?

In the functional medicine space, it is recognized that autoimmune disorders have multiple causes, including poor gut health, environmental triggers, and genetic predisposition. genes alone do NOT determine the onset of autoimmune disease. Instead, it's often a combination of environmental triggers and genetic factors that create a "perfect storm" leading to the development of autoimmune disorders.



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